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Zero res carpet cleaning can aid in the overall well being of your home. The tools used to clean your home is as important as the cleanliness of you home. The environment you live in is very important to your health.

Vacuuming is a form of zero residue carpet cleaning in the simplest form. Well it I think it can be considered so because of the fact that it applys no residue to the carpet but only removes soil and debris from the fabric. And a good strong vacuum cleaner will leave 0 residue behind. A HEPA cleaner is a good choice because it filters the air released from the cleaner so no residue or particles are re-deposited in your home.

All carpets need to be vacuumed often, at least once a week, to keep them clean from dust and dirt. When your carpet is vacuumed one or twice a week it will help prevent a gritty build up between the fibers that can abrade the carpet, making it look dull and matted. This is the biggest thing you can do to help the carpet last for a longer period of time. Vacuuming your carpet will also help remove the dust mite allergens that cause so many people to suffer from allergies.

Every time you pull out the vacuum, you should go around the room with the crevice tool on your cleaner and clean around the carpet near the baseboards. All types of soil and dirt will get in there and they are hard to reach with just the vacuum or wand.

When you are doing you own version of 0 res cleaning, divide the room into 4 sections. Move everything over and vacuum slowly going over it several times each, in different directions. Dirt and dust mites get ground in and they need to be suctioned out a little bit at a time. Repeat making sure all the quadrents are complete.

Be sure to move the vacuum cleaner in a criss cross motion in front of chairs and sofas, where people sit, overlapping as you go. Vacuum slowly to reach the ground in dirt that has come from shoes and people moving their feet from side to side. Vacuuming in a criss cross motion will bring up the nap to match the other area.

If you apply a zero residue carpet treatment before vacuuming, this may help to relieve ordor in the carpet and air.

You can also buy anti-allergen treatments to help keep your carpet free from dust mite allergens and to make your room smell fresh and clean. These can be purchased online.

While you are vacuuming the floor do not forget the furniture. Dirt build up accumilates there too. The zero res and anti allergen treatments that you use on the carpet can often be used for the furniture as well. Be sure to read all instructions first.

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